Hardwood floors are resistant to staining and scrapes, even when they are in high-traffic areas. You don't need to replace the floor if there is minor bruising. A little sanding can be done and a finish applied.

Prefinished hardwood flooring has become a popular choice for homeowners today. There are many reasons why. We will be discussing some of the reasons that pre-finished hardwood is so popular.

Pre-finished hardwood floors are highly in demand by homeowners

1. Quick Installation

This type of flooring material is great for homeowners because it has been pre-processed by its manufacturer. This includes sanding, finishing and other necessary steps. The contractor will only need to glue or nail the flooring down during installation. This reduces the cost of unfinished hardwood floors installation as well as the inconvenience that comes with having a whole team of experts on your property for several days.

2. Factory-processed Hardwood has a better quality finish

Prefinished hardwood floors are treated with more than half a dozen coats of aluminum oxide. This improves its quality. This durable, strong finish protects your floor from the elements as well as stains and spills.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

Pre-finished hardwood has an enhanced aesthetic appearance, in addition to its toughness. The factory finishes the product in a way that gives it a more consistent and balanced appearance. Pre-finished hardwood is more durable than on-site finishing. However, it has a consistent appearance and grain pattern.

4. After installation, there is no waiting period

Prefinished hardwood flooring does not require any finishing or sanding after installation. Pre-finished hardwood flooring can be used immediately by the owner without any waiting. Unfinished floors require additional drying time and on-site finishing. This can cause discomfort for the owners.

5. It comes with a warranty

Pre-finished hardwood floors are made to high standards and will last for decades. It will last many years if it is kept clean and protected from the harsh elements.

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