Hardwood Sheens: Matte, Semi-Gloss, and Gloss

The Distinctive Features of Hardwood Sheens

Which one will make your house look its best?

As you're contemplating your hardwood flooring choices there are a whole lot of elements to bear in mind -- the color of the wood, the sort of timber, the expense of the wood . But one of the most significant and most overlooked elements is hardwood sheens, or the degree to which the timber shines. This has a massive affect on the look of the floors and also the look of the space around the flooring. To assist you to find the best option for your house and floors budget, we have clarified the three most frequent kinds of hardwood sheens below.


Hardwood sheen is measured on a scale of elegance. The maximum level is 100% luster, which will be almost blindingly bright. In the very low end is a matte sheen that has about 25% luster. People have strong feelings in both directions about a matte sheen. Some find the appearance to be dull, while others believe it gives the floors a clean look. In any case, matte sheens have been popular in Europe for many years and have started to gain popularity in America. If you adore the look of hardwood but do not want your floors to be the focal point of your house d├ęcor, the flat appearance of matte hardwood sheens might be perfect.


Semi-gloss floors have roughly a 55% luster. This makes them a good alternative for homeowners who want something a bit cooler compared to a matte finish, but also more subdued than the usual glossy finish. There are a couple of other considerations to keep in mind when debating hardwood sheens.

The sheen of a hardwood flooring does not impact the durability or durability of the floor.

Additionally, the shinier you go, the further that dirt and dust show up on the surface of the floor.


Glossy floors have roughly a 70% luster. To put that into perspective, imagine a gym floor or the floor of a bowling alley. A lot of people find this specific hardwood sheen to be overly shiny, but in some rooms and a few design strategies that the reflective quality of the floors can function as a bold design element. Keep in mind that floors for this hardwood sheen will take the maximum quantity of maintenance because they'll demonstrate every spec of dirt and dust and frequently footprints too. When they're clean, however, they can be stunning.

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It can be difficult to picture how each one of those sheens actually seems, and even more difficult to imagine how they will look in your house. That is why it's best to work in tandem with an excellent hardwood flooring supplier whose expertise and experience will help guide your choice. When you are ready to start considering choices, make your way to And after that, think about the benefits of a distinctive allergy-friendly hardwood floor.