Hardwood Floor Restoration and Repair

You just moved into a new Twickenham Area home, and you have a serious"fixer-upper" job in your hands. Or maybe you're trying to clean up home that has been ravaged by years of toddlers and pets scrabbling along your floors. In any scenario, you'd like insight into your refinishing choices.

Traditionally, hardwood flooring restoration and repair targets full blown refinishing. Workers strip layers of materials and wood -- creating a great deal of dust and particulate matter from the process -- and essentially rebuild and reseal the ground.

An alternative new alternative, known as dustless floor refinishing, may be to your liking.

Technically, no refinishing process Is Totally dustless, but advanced businesses, like Floor Sanding Twickenham, have exceptional processes that can reduce dust to very low rates.

Benefits of going dustless:

1. Traditional refinishing takes more.

"Old school" refinishing can take a couple of days or more, based on the size of the project, while dustless trimming can be completed often within just one day.

2. The dustless course is cheaper.

As it requires less time and requires much less effort, the job is less expensive to complete.

3. Excellent choice for families, in which individuals have allergies or sensitivities to dust.

A growing number of research implicates air pollution -- especially dust contamination -- in an array of unpleasant respiratory disorders, including asthma, lung ailments, allergies, reactive airway disease, and diminished immune system. You want your floors to be more beautiful, but you ideally want to minimize any health issues.

No procedure is 100% pristine. Anytime you refinish your floor, you sand layers off and so lower its life. Some floors may be too damaged -- hence, you must use traditional refinishing to mend them. Some dust and compounds will still be volatilized in the procedure, so tremendously sensitive individuals will need to make appropriate preparations.

To get your job done correctly, join with the team here at Floor Sanding Twickenham. We'll tell you honestly whether dustless or traditional remodeling gets the most sense, given your budget and what you expect to do with the cleaning/beautification procedure. Connect with our Twickenham Area hardwood floors experts today to set up your free estimate.